Green Lions

MaMa Mandimba Fundraiser

A UK A&E doctor, D J Brown, visits the rural district of Mandimba in northern Mozambique. He witnesses at first hand the horror caused by lack of medical facilities and training. This film helped raise the initial funds for a new charity, MaMa.

DJ says:

The film transformed the ability of our charity to raise its first funds. We needed a way to bring the humanity of the situation to potential donors. Green Lions found the narrative buried in the footage we brought back from Africa and built a high quality film, with a strong emotional resonance.

As a result of this film, we raised several thousand pounds from generous sponsors. With this, we started a charity to help the people of Mandimba who, like Esnati, are resilient in the face of their poverty.

The music in the film is recorded live and acapella from a spontaneous performance by a group of singers in the village.

Campaign Commercial (HDV) 08’12”

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