Green Lions

Arts and Culture

Filmmaker David Bond, art historian Dr Lois Oliver, arts communications producer Adam White and screenwriter and filmmaker Dr Charles Lambert have joined arms to form a new collaborative collective.  We create cultural content to charm and absorb your visitors, online and on site.

With a shared passion for art and history the Green Lions Art and Culture Collective is dedicated to creating engaging, energetic and significant content that brings your audience closer to the art and history that they love to see, and that you love to reveal.

We listen

We understand the guest experience on site and online and it is our mission to enrich and enhance every visit for every visitor.

We collaborate

We offer new ways to create digital experiences and want to help cultural institutions fulfil the need for inspiring audio and visual content on site and online.

We are ambitious for you

We believe that you can and should learn from and compete successfully with the most popular and engaging alternative entertainment such as TV, online channels and film.

We bring audiences closer to the stories they want to hear

We know every picture and artefact tells a story and that walls can talk. But there are stories within stories, and walls need voices. We help you to discover your stories and to bring them to life in an exciting, muscular and inventive way.

We showcase the skills and culture in every organisation

We know there is a vast amount of expertise and passion in your cultural institution. We want to mine that seam and give your experts the opportunity, coaching and support with their content, structure and delivery to communicate their passions to the widest possible audience.

We want to create content that truly matters to people

One size does not fit all.  We tailor-make every piece of writing, every minute recorded and every frame filmed.

What we do:

Detailed audience research and analysis

To reveal your audience and how to reach a broader demographic.

Content cultural assessment

To ensure a sensitive and inclusive approach to challenging themes and subjects.

External communications consultancy

Supporting your spokespeople to be focused, energetic and compelling, in their content and delivery, in person and recorded, to the media and to your visitors, online and on site.

On site and virtual surveys and evaluations

An essential gauge of the successes and opportunities open to you.

Visitor engagement scoping

How best to reach the audience you’ve yet to win over.

Tone and register consultancy

How to find the engaging and insightful ‘voice’ that works for your project.

Content storyboarding

To map out the visitor experience journey and narrative framework.

Collaborative discovery workshops

A fun and collaborative way to increase stakeholder engagement and try out new creative concepts.

Creative ideation and detailed treatments

This presents ideas and options with invaluable analysis on approaches, risks and benefits.

Platform and channel strategy and build

Developing and supporting an appropriate and energetic presence for online video and audio channels (e.g. YouTube), social media (e.g. Instagram) and subscriber support (e.g. Patreon).

Clear budgeting and logical scheduling

You can be sure what’s being spent where and follow the processes closely.

In-depth interviews

We carry out friendly and carefully researched sessions to camera and audio in studio or on location.

Filmed segments

Going beyond interviews, these documentary-style films greatly boost the production values of a project and encourage greater insight and engagement.

Scriptwriting phases

Agreed, carefully scheduled collaborative process phases that help shape the creative narrative.

Script editing

A fresh pair of eyes on an existing document, or a thorough re-working can breathe new life into a script.

Studio recording

We use professional sound studios to get the best quality recordings for our expert interviewees and professional voiceovers.

Sound design and mixing

We work closely with experienced specialised sound designers to give the content a professional finish – whether with bespoke soundscapes, commissioned music, or the lightest of atmospheric dustings.


We provide a full translation service, in 8 languages, by experienced and trusted professional in-country, mother-tongue translators.


We offer fully voiced native speaker localisation in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Japanese and Mandarin.

On site and online walk-throughs and testing

That final stage of quality control – and the best part of the project just before delivery.

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