Green Lions

About us

We are Green Lions, an award-winning production company creating films for TV, cinema and digital media. We are passionate filmmakers and we believe in the awesome power of documentary storytelling to change hearts and minds, to empower viewers, and generally help make sense of this crazy world. The company is named after our first film LIONS ARE GREEN, the story of a colour-blind boy with a unique perspective on the world. We strive to bring this unique perspective to everything we do. Since 2003 we have been involved with a range of fantastic international clients: broadcasters to brands and charities. We employ award-winning filmmakers to deliver touching, exciting and engaging content. Our first feature documentary, ERASING DAVID (Channel 4) was an international hit, and played in cinemas, on TV and at film festivals around the world. GREEN LIONS have just released new feature documentary PROJECT WILD THING and are currently working on several new feature film and TV projects.

Ashley Jones

Ashley is a producer, director and writer and runs GREEN LIONS with his creative partner and friend David Bond. He produced the award-winning feature doc ERASING DAVID (2010) and recently directed a series of 3 Minute Wonder films for Channel 4 about the UK strip industry. Ashley wrote and produced our most recent feature documentary, PROJECT WILD THING. He heads development of one-off docs and series for UK and US audiences.

David Bond

David is an award-winning director, producer and writer of documentary, commercial and short film projects, exploring social and political themes. David's acclaimed feature doc ERASING DAVID (2010) was released in cinemas, shown on Channel 4 in the UK, and played on TV and at festivals around the world. David runs GREEN LIONS with his creative partner Ashley Jones. David wrote, directed and appears in PROJECT WILD THING.

Gavin Northover

Gavin has been a Director of Photography for 16 years. He's won awards at many international film festivals for his docs, which include PROJECT WILD THING and ERASING DAVID. He won the Cinematography Award at the East End Film Festival for his feature SOHO CIGARETTE. He has shot commercials for Volvo, Vauxhall, Pantene, NSPCC and Puma and his TV docs have screened on BBC, Channel 4, ITV and Al Jazeera.

Freelance Creatives

We work with a large pool of experienced and talented freelancers who have made multi-award winning fiction and documentary films for a variety of broadcast and corporate clients. This includes cinematographers, sound professionals, editors and various other freelance creatives. We are dedicated to finding suitable talent and experience for each film we make. Please contact us if you would like more information about the freelancers we hire.