<span>Project<br />Wild Thing</span>
British children have lost their connection to nature.

Currently in cinemas nationwide.

 <span>Buy a copy<br />of the DVD</span> Visit the Project Wild Thing store to buy the DVD and other goodies  <span>Arrange a<br />screening</span> of Project Wild Thing in your community or organisation. Click for details. <span>Little Stories</span> A series of short sketches about Sainsbury's sustainable product sourcing
<span>Cancer Research UK</span>
Short film for top UK charity.  Has helped raise record donations at events.
<span>Erasing David</span>
Is the UK a database state? Feature documentary released in cinemas in 2010, and played on Channel 4. <span>Ernst<br />& Young</span>
A series of short documentaries, following the stories of 12 bright interns at Ernst & Young worldwide. <span>Overexposed</span>
 Series of Three Minute Wonders for Channel 4 about the rise of the strip club in the UK.

We are Green Lions


PROJECT WILD THING: Currently available in cinemas, on VOD and on DVD nationwide. You can keep up to date with screenings here.

GREEN LIONS is an award-winning production company producing acclaimed documentary, charity and commercial films.

We are passionate filmmakers and we believe in the power of engaging storytelling to tell filmic stories.

We love film. We love to tell stories.

Clients include:

BBC, Channel 4, Current TV, BUPA, Cancer Research UK, Bloomsbury, The Royal Automobile Club, PUMA, Mother, Greenpeace, SAS, Ernst & Young